30 May 2020

What is Verified Reviews?

Verified Reviews is a convenient and genuine summary of our analysis of hotel reviews and ratings from booking sites which accept reviews from verified, paying customers only.

How do we know the reviews are verified?

We have identified hotel/accommodation booking websites which only allow their paying customers to submit reviews, after they have checked out of the hotel. This guarantees that users submitting hotel reviews are those that have actually stayed there.

How is this different to other websites?

There are two main problems with user reviews on many travel websites today:

  1. The reviews can be faked. Anyone can submit a review to these sites, giving no guarantee that the reviewer is an actual customer and not a competitor, employee or spammer attempting to manipulate opinions about the hotel.

    • "Fake reviews happen all the time - but proving it, quantifying it, is very hard"
    • "Anyone can write a product review, and everybody reads them. But can you trust them? I refer, of course, to reader or user reviews"
    • "some sellers are resorting to underhanded methods like feeding bogus merchant reviews"
  2. With the amount of reviews available online, finding a hotel suitable for your needs can be difficult. Trying to read through hundreds or, in some cases, thousands of reviews for some hotels can be very time consuming.

How have we solved this?

With Verified Reviews™, we have analysed user reviews and ratings only from major travel websites that accept reviews from verified, paying customers. We then summarise reviews in simple, easy to read snippets, one for each of the various elements specific to the hotel (eg. rooms, staff, food and so on), that users mentioned in their reviews. This allows you get a true, complete overview of the hotel, usually in less than a minute.